Microsoft.Net framework is a software framework originally developed by Microsoft, and that runs on the Microsoft's Windows. The framework is characterized by a large library. One of the striking features of the .NET framework technology is language interoperability across several programming languages, which essentially means that each programming language used in the framework can easily use another supported language's code.

Microsoft Dot Net technologies are used for creating an ever-increasing number of web based programming due to its versatility and flexibility in creating a stable application development platform.


  • VB.Net Development Environment.
  • New Language Features of VB.Net.
  • Working with Visual Basic .Net.
  • VB.Net Language.
  • Fundamentals of VB.Net.
  • Controls and Events.
  • Data Access in VB.Net.
  • Web Capabilities of VB.Net.

ASP.Net with C#

  • Getting Started with ASP.Net with C#.
  • Programming ASP.Net Web Pages.
  • Validating User Inputs.
  • Link.
  • Exception Handling Debugging & Tracing.
  • Working with ASP.Net Controls.
  • User Controls.
  • Displaying and Updating Data.
  • Personalizing Websites.

LINQ - Language Integrated Query With C#

  • Getting Started with ASP.Net with C#.Overview.
  • LINQ Lambda Expression.
  • LINQ to Objects.
  • LINQ to XML.
  • LINQ to DataSet.
  • LINQ to SQL.
  • LINQ to Entities.
  • LINQ to ASP.NET.
  • Personalizing Websites.

ASP .NET MVC (Model View Controller)

  • MVC Architecture Overview.
  • Routing.
  • Controller.
  • Model.
  • Razor View.
  • Entity Framework.

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