• Introduction to Android 7.0 Programming.
  • Starting Development with Android Development Tools: Android Studio.
  • Exploring Activities, Fragments and Intents.
  • Exploring and Designing Android UI.
  • using Views to display Pictures and Menu.
  • Implementing Data Persistence.
  • Gathering Location Data.
  • Implementing Graphics and Animations features in Android.
  • Integrating Med 'a -r Video, and Sound.
  • Interacting with Camera.
  • Background Processing: Threads and Services.
  • Implementing SMS and Email Messaging.
  • Consuming Web and JSON Services: Networking in Android.
  • Connecting using Bluetooth, NFC and WIFI connections.
  • Exploring Sensors.
  • Porting/C++code: NDK.
  • Deploying Android App on Google Play.

We are an organisation engaged in providing Robotics and Technology based education to young minds through the schooling education system in India.

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