Diploma in Robotics, IOT and AI

Semester I

  • Basic Electrical and Electronics.
  • Electronic Devices and Digital circuit.
  • Engineering Mechanics.
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller.
  • Lab: Electronic Devices and Digital circuit.
  • Lab: Microprocessor & Microcontroller.

Semester II

  • Introduction to Robotics.
  • Sensors, robotic drive system and actuators.
  • Robotic vision system.
  • Forward & inverse kinematics.
  • Velocity kinematics & manipulator dynamics.
  • Lab: Robotic programming.

Semester III

  • Introduction to AI.
  • Search methods.
  • Introduction to Python.
  • Introduction to Database Management System & SQL, Database Interaction in Python.
  • Machine learning .
  • Lab: Python programming.

Semester IV

  • Deep learning concepts.
  • Basics of Artificial Neural Network.
  • Expert Systems.
  • Deconstructing language.
  • Lab: NLP& Neural network.

Semester V

  • Introduction to Internet.
  • Internet of Things and Related Future Internet Technologies.
  • Communication Technologies.
  • Communication protocols.
  • Raspberry pi.
  • Lab: Programming to Raspberry pi part: 1.

Semester VI

  • Cloud Technology.
  • Internet of Things developments.
  • Prototyping in IoT.
  • Combined application of IoT, Cloud and Big data.
  • Raspberry pi.
  • Lab: Programming to Raspberry pi part: 2.
  • Project

We are an organisation engaged in providing Robotics and Technology based education to young minds through the schooling education system in India.

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