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Cougar Planet is a joint venture of Planet Star & Team Cougar

Robotics ,IOT & Artificial Intelligence courses are designed to impart value addition for all students who are wish to delve into the field of Digital Technology. Students will be taught basic foundations with the aid of well developed theoretical modules and lab-oriented experiments. Planet Star provides international certification courses to meet the requirements of multinational companies across the world. One of the remarkable highlights of Planet Star has been proven by its strict focus on certification for every engineer.

IT Sector is one of the major employment providers in India and is expected to grow more in the coming years. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics are relatively new entrants in the digital world have already marked their benchmarks among the IT professionals and Organizations. AI. IoT & robotics are becoming real for more business across the globe. Similarly, they are the blooming thing and its culture must be practiced and discussed in order to make us self-meet the demand of future.

PLANET STAR acts as the role of a partner in the certification program with Microsoft, Cisco, RedHat, and Comptia. Every year the planet star makes out hundreds of energetic youngsters with a strict form for the requirements of Big Companies. The Outcome young Engineers of Planet Star are deployed in different Multi-National companies across the world with high reputation in the IT industry.


Who We Are

We are an organisation engaged in providing Robotics and Technology based education.

Best educare System

We COUGAR PLANET epitomize and the limitless power of creativity and excellence. We strives to provide world class education and an intellectually stimulating environments to its students.


Our vision is to strengthen skilled future of technocrats by making a practical education as an integral part of their learning at an early age. To build a better India with technical education that starts at the grass root level, making practical learning a habit more than a dream.


Our mission is to reach a maximum number of students in India starting from primary schools onwards and creating awareness about learning technology at an early age. Bringing the latest in Robotics world right at the doorsteps of the schools, colleges and institutes.

We are an organisation engaged in providing Robotics and Technology based education to young minds through the schooling education system in India.

latest Courses

Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator

Bachelor in Computer Application

CCNA-CISCO Certified Network Associate

Bachelor in Computer Application


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